How everything began, a temple, a monk and JONA


December 2003:Jona Weiss and her husband Kurt Weiss emigrate to Sri Lanka. Previously, Jona had worked for several years as financial accountant at Murrplastik.

December 2004 The tsunami also destroys large coastal areas in the south and east of Sri Lanka. 33,000 people die.


January 2005: As a result of the catastrophe, the government passes the law for a 200 m wide building ban zone along coastal areas, and the population retreats to the hinterland. In these regions without infrastructure, so called tsunami housing projects are created.
The Buddhist monk Rathanasiri Thero has houses built in a so far undeveloped area surrounding a simple temple, 5 km from the sea, with water supply and also some roads, so that families can find a new home.
Jona encounters Rathanasiri Thero around this time. This marks the start of a wonderful friendship and great cooperation.

February 2005: It is decided to establish a kindergarten for around 100 children in Sri Lanka Payagalle on the temple grounds with the aim to sustainably manage and develop it.

March 2005: The building to be erected is planned so that extensions of up to 4 floors can be added in time in several construction phases.
Foundations of the first construction phase (1st floor) for the kindergarten (project 1) are laid. Building work begins with the financial support of the Volksbank Backnang and the Lions Club Backnang.

May 2005: About 500 children come to the Sunday school at the temple. Jona, who is still in close contact with Murrplastik, starts project 2, the “Soup kitchen” together with the monk Rathanasiri Thero. Following the Sunday school, the children are given food. Murrplastik takes over the financing with immediate effect.

November 2005: The first building phase of the construction is now complete. The kindergarten rooms are now starting to be furnished.


February 2006: The kindergarten (project 1) is opened for 75 children from the area. The children are looked after by three kindergarten teachers, one of them speaking English.

September 2006: As German host organisation for the projects 1 +2 and possibly more projects, the association “ EDUCATE ONE WORLD e.V.” is established. The benefit to the public was already acknowledged by the tax office in March 2007.

2007: The decision is made to establish project 3, a “Vocational Computer Training Center” with national qualification and to manage this long-term. For this purpose, the extension of the building is started, the 2nd building phase with an additional floor (2).


April 2008: With participation of ministers, Unicef and other dignitaries, the privately financed “Computer Training Center in Sri Lanka” is opened, which is unrivalled with its level of professionalism and equipment. The Center provides:

  • Rooms for theory and practice furnished with 25 computers, projector and library
  • 3 teachers
  • Curriculum based on guidelines by the national government
  • State-approved qualification with good development prospects in the professional world

May 2008:
36 students start their one-year studies in full-time education. Furthermore, part-time computer courses for 40 adults are run at the weekends.


May 2009: The 30-year long civil war between the Singhalese and the Tamils is over.

2010: The building is extended by two more floors (3+4), so that the total floor space now covers 800 sqm.

October 2011: A teacher is employed for the English language to support and further qualify the students.


2012: Another 25 computers are setup in two additional classrooms, so that the Training Center now has more than 50 computers.
A new study area: “Desktop Publisher” with officially recognised qualification is introduced. Two more teachers are employed for this.

2013: Unfortunately Mrs Jona Weiss is going blind and can't continue her function as Treasurer on site anymore. Mrs Beate Schoenleben becomes the new Treasurer and Controller.

2014: Kindergarten spinn-off as separate organization. The support of the Computer Training Center is temporarily suspended.

At the moment,

500 children and adolescents visit the Sunday school and are provided for in the “soup kitchen”.

100 children happily play in their own

50 students learn in the
Computer Training Center
with officially recognised


Gegenwärtig, besuchen 500 Kinder und Jugendliche die Sonntagsschule und werden in der „Suppenküche“ versorgt. spielen 100 Kinder fröhlich im eigenen Kindergarten studieren 50 Studenten im Computer Training Center mit staatlich anerkanntem Abschluss


A new, beautiful nursery is built outside the temple grounds. The recent teachers have all chosen to work in the konfessionall indipendent kindergarten. Today up to 70 children of different religions play and learn happily in three groups.


Due to high numbers of applications, an additional teaching room was constructed. We are happy to employ a further teacher. Now we have the capacity to instruct up to 90 children in 4 groups of different level.